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  • Novabeans PC Filament

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PC is a top choice material for engineers and manufacturers who require parts that need to retain its strength, toughness and shape while operating in high-temperature environments.

  • High toughness, especially for the non-transparent filament options

  • Resists temperatures and retains form up to 110 ºC

  • Flame retardant characteristics

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Excellent interlayer adhesion, especially when printing with an enclosed front

  • Good build plate adhesion, especially when using adhesion sheets supplied in the Advanced 3D Printing Kit

  • Allows printing of translucent parts for lighting applications with a transparent filament option

PC (polycarbonate) filament, you can print strong and tough parts that retain dimensional stability when subjected to temperatures as high as 110 ºC. Our PC is a perfect filament for printing molds, tools, functional prototypes and parts for short-run manufacturing.

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