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  • Layer height (mm)0.05 - 0.35

  • Extruder / nozzle diameter (mm)0.35

  • Operation heated bed temperature90 °C

  • Heated printing environmentNo


  • Body / ConstructionAluminium Framework

  • Printer dimensions (cm)72.3 x 83.1 x 80.1


  • Printing speed (mm/s)100

  • Max. flow rate (mm³/s)6

  • Travel speed (mm/s)250


  • Max build volume (liter)21.6

  • Max print dimensions (single extruder print) (cm)32 x 33 x 20.5

  • Max print dimensions (dual extruder print) (cm)32 x 30 x 20.5


  • Dual ExtruderYes

  • Stand-alone (USB)Yes


  • Nozzle temperature (up to)265 or 360 °C

The Bolt offers the latest technology and innovation Leapfrog 3D Printers has developed. Equipped with our latest simple, yet powerful software, developed to give the user maximum control from any device. And high-grade hardware and technology, designed to make 3D printing easier, faster and more reliable.

A disruptive separated dual head system which provides flawless dual material printing.


We believe that dual extrusion 3d printers opens up a lot of printing possibilities. Mix materials to create unique parts with Flex and PLA, Carbon and soluble support and/or use two different colours on the 3D printer’s heated bed. To keep improving the performance of dual extrusion, we have designed two unique, separate heads for each loaded filament.

The main advantages are straight forward; no cross-filament oozing, more control per filament and doubling the print speed with replicator mode and mirror mode on the large build platform this 3D printer. This leads to cleaner dual prints and 2 times the print speed. A leap forward in the 3D printing industry!



Using a 3D printer should be as simple as possible. The Bolt latest software can be accessed on the large touchscreen or by any device with a browser like your pc, phone and tablet using WiFi. It is not necessary to use a thumb drive anymore, just transfer your file to the Bolt storage from your pc, and start that print from your pc, of any other device.

With the use of different users, settings can be blocked or full control can be given per user. The integrated webcam provides for a remote view and the software gives you live information on the time and filament left and active control on your current print job keeping you in charge at any given moment.

These features together with advanced settings and tools provide for a optimal and rich user experience, giving you more time 3D printing.



Out latest technology provides this high quality 3d printer with two separate heads which opens up new capabilities. When starting a print, the dual heads can automatically mirror, or copy your part with the push of a button. Both doubling the production speed of the Bolt. Gain time and precision!

Replicator mode: This creates a replicate on the bed of your print. The result is both heads printing at the same time and copying each movement. Your 3D print will be ready 50% faster.

Mirror mode: This creates a mirrored copy on the bed of your print. This is useful for making moulds, orbs, left-right parts, without creating its counter part. The Bolt does all the work for you. Cut the 3D printing waiting time by half!



The Bolt offers high printing stability. The 3D printers heated bed warms the closed environment, resulting in a better climate for printing higher temperature filaments like ABS.

With the closed environment the filament the warping and splitting between layers will be heavily reduced. This will give you more freedom of choice in filaments and materials, to create the thing you need. You can now 3D print anything you want, at a faster rate, and having multiple materials to choose from!




3D printing filament development never stops and some materials can release vapours which can be harming. 

The Bolt answers this upcoming problem by giving the Bolt an Activated HEPA Carbon filter with an efficiency of over 99.9%. Printing toxic materials in an office isn’t a problem anymore and the air released by the Bolt is clean and non-toxic.



The Bolt has been fitted with a large 7” touchscreen for the best user experience. Control the latest technology this dual extruder 3D printer has to offer with ease.

The software on the big touchscreen on this 3d printer is the same as you can view on your personal device. So using the Bolt remotely, or at the screen provided, will always have the same smooth workflow you would expect.


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