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A Pioneer 3D Printing Solution Provider in INDIA

RIO INNOVATIONS is the most advanced and comprehensive 3D DESIGN To Manufacutring Solutions Provider in INDIA.
Rio Innovations is a creative , focused and professionally managed organizationbased in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) INDIA.
Our Just In Time 3D printing services in INDIA enables parts to be produced just matter a day submitted to delay.
Whether it is engineering, product design, medical equipment, architectural design, Jewelry, entrepreneur or education together with them.

In the 19th and 20th century important and impressive inventions were made. Nobody could have imagined how these would evolve and how they would change the world. An invention that is going to change the 21st century world is 3Dprinting. Not only will it offer new possibilities, but it will also change the way we obtain things. Ideas and creations will be shared instead of being forced upon us by big parties. 3Dprinting offers us and even more the young upcoming generations unknown possibilities unthought of up to now. Technology will play an even more important part in our society in the near future and beyond. However, this will bring about new problems which demand knowledge, innovative and problem solving thinking and technical competentions of new generations. Theoretical knowledge has increasingly been the focus in the development of primary and secondary education. In primary education the focus has indeed been limited to a few core activities. Our vision stresses the need to redress this movement and to make sure that
• Technology comes home into the classroom.
• 3Dprinting technology and its possibilities play an important part.
• Besides new education additional value is created in existing learning.
RIO INNOVATIONS looks ahead by following new development and trends. This enables us to understand what influences our business and how we anticipate. This enables us to be prepared for tomorrow’s now. This will make our company develop and grow. The demands and choices in joint ventures and the development of educational material will provide us with leading high quality products and services.

RIO INNOVATIONS has a clear mission guiding us to be successful in co-operation with our partners and in realizing our ambitions
• To be the standard in educational programs dealing with the application of 3Dprinting technology and its possibilities in primary and secondary education and besides to enhance knowledge and knowhow of other interested parties.
• To optimally prepare the new generations for the technological challenges facing them armed with our products.
• To be the preferred and most reliable business partner in the field of 3Dprinters and associated product groups.
• To be partner in developing new and challenging education.
• To manage people, money and targets, leading to maximum profit.
• To be successful by working with our TOH philosophy: co-operation with employees, partners and customers is Transparent, Open and Honest.
RIO INNOVATIONS’s aim is to offer and support implementation of leading educational programs (curricula) for primary and secondary education, bringing technology back to the classroom.

3Dprinting Technology and its possibilities play an important part. Besides, RIO INNOVATIONS will offer targeted education for other interested parties. To do this RIO INNOVATIONS will develop innovative curricula in co-operation with parties with similar aims. Every curriculum aims at inspiring learning, developing creativity and problem-solving skills.

RIO INNOVATIONS wants to be leading partner in the field of information and supply of the necessary quality products in 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D printing pens, 3D printing materials, 3D printing training workshops, 3D printing school kits, 3D printing consultancy, Product Design And Development, Functional Prototyping.

As a result of our association with suppliers supporting our philosophy and values of good education our products will be a perfect match for our educational mission. By being a professional, transparent and helping company 3DPrinterPoint strives to be a reliable partner in a long-lasting relationship with their customers.


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